A Special Place In Hell

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no wait, it’s just another politician

January 16, 2009
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On it’s special edition inaugural cover bastion of old school feminism Ms. magazine proudly proclaims that SuperO is here to save us womenfolk. Somehow I just don’t buy it. In the first place, whatever wave of feminism we’re on now, I’m pretty sure most feminists would object to the inherent suggestion that women need a male superhero to save them. That aside, let’s examine SuperO’s feminist credentials, shall we? This is the guy who dismissed a female reporter’s question with “Hold on one second, sweetie” when she asked him about the future of American autoworkers in Michigan. The is the guy who still employs gropin’ Jon Favreau as his speechwriter. The guy who chose Larry “them wimmens is just born stupid” Summers as his top economic advisor. The guy who chose to have Rick “a good beatin’s no excuse for divorce” Warren to officiate at his inauguration. The guy who chose to fill just 25% of cabinet positions with women, who make up 51% of the population by the way, and yet according to the Minerva’s at Ms. this is the guy who is going to save us.

Never mind that SuperO has never, ever paid more than minimal lip service to women issues. Never mind that his campaign website did not even have a women’s issues section until the last few months of the campaign. Never mind that he has waffled on choice, the only thing that seems to matter to the self-annointed “feminist leaders” of today. Never mind that his new head of the DNC  has a “faith based opposition to abortion” and pushes abstinence education. All of this has ceased to matter now, because Ms. has proclaimed SuperO to be a feminist. All is forgiven.

I guess Ms. has forgotten that SuperO remains stubbornly silent about the mountains of sexist insults heaped on rival Hillary Clinton and then later on Sarah Palin by his own followers. I guess Ms. has also forgotten the times he appeared just a teeny bit hostile and sexist himself, equating our soon to be Secretary of State’s foreign affairs experience with having tea on the lawn, describing how “the claws come out” and how  “periodically” when she’s “feeling down,”  she “launches attacks.” No, if they ever were paying attention, all is forgotten and according to Ms., their justification for putting him on the cover was that he admitted privately to one of their editors that he was actually a “feminist.” Whoa, what a groundbreaker! Stop the presses!

Of course, it has not escaped the notice of real life, in the trenches, feminists that SuperO will likely get to sign the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law as one of his first acts of office. No doubt his pen strokes will be lauded as SuperO’s first victory for women, when of course he had nothing whatever to do with it beyond affixing his name. The one silver lining is that hopefully the act he signs into law will force him to pay his future female campaign staffers more than the 83 cents on the dollar he paid them during his recent campaign, if he hires any women at all that is. So Ms. all I have to say to you is if that’s what you think a feminist looks like, you obviously haven’t seen any real feminists for a long, long time.