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CNN asks the wrong questions, as usual | January 17, 2009

“Can a man be a feminist?” Well, duh. The real question is “what is the evidence that this man is a feminist.” CNN is just sad. This piece is pathetically shallow and obvious. It takes for granted that Ms. magazine’s claim on behalf of Obama is justified, and then fails to challenge Ms.’ Executive Editor Katherine Spillar’s claim that the controversy was simply due to having a man on the cover. None of the featured comments from the Daily Beast mention the many valid reasons to object to the cover, like Obama’s willingness to reach out to neanderthals like Warren and Summers or his paltry 25% female cabinet representation. To cap it all off they allow Naomi Wolf to smear The New Agenda as a front for right wing political operatives, or some such paranoid bullshit.

Can we please have some rational people representing feminists instead of someone delusional enough to produce this tripe.

By the way, here is the full version of one of the comments shown in the video:

“Obama won because he was not a woman. Hillary lost because she was. So why does Ms. have to rub it in our faces? Is the new Cabinet reflective of the 52% gender majority in this country? Are women getting equitable treatment in the workplace and at home? The day that happens, I will call Obama a supporter of feminism.”

Notice the really relevent bits are conveniently left out. No bull, no bias, huh CNN?


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