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It’s for our own good | January 16, 2009

Via Liberal Rapture I came upon this ominous article from the LA Times which describes the organization that our President elect is quietly forming to promote his agenda and work toward his re-election. The primary goal seems to be to use hundreds of paid staffers around the country to pressure lawmakers to ensure passage of whatever legislation President Obama chooses. The article describes the objections some lawmakers have to such a powerful organization centered solely on promoting a single individual as opposed to a party or policy. (Like the slogan says, “It’s all about the O.”)

With such an organization at his disposal, along with the help of such “grassroots” organizations as MoveOn.org, President Obama will literally have an army of people out spreading his message and agitating for “change.” Truly bizarre when you consider that it is Democrats who control both Houses. Why would the head of his own party feel the need for so much coercion?

Then there’s the shadow government. The President elect has appointed a number of “czars” to oversee various departments. As these appointments are not subject to Senate confirmations, they haven’t received much media attention but they should. As demonstrated here, these czars may end up wielding tremendous power.

Does it not seem that we the people are becoming more and more irrelevent in the process? Instead of our top public servant promoting our agenda, it appears he is using every means available to force his agenda on us.


Here’s another lengthy article talking, in part, about “Obama for America 2.0.” This author’s central premise is that Obama is really our first “Independent” President, but I don’t think that’s correct. Obama didn’t run as an Independent with his own ideas, he ran as a Democrat on a Democratic platform. Every single policy and idea he has had has been gleaned from somewhere else. For all the crap about “new” this and “new” that, Obama has never offered an original idea, nor has he stuck to any discernible principle beyond blind ambition for himself. All these articles really point to the possibility that we may end up with not our first Independent American President, but our first American dictator.


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